H. M. Willow started as a hobby and has become a full time passion. The vision behind H. M. Willow came about from a love of jewelry and the beauty of high quality American made products. Combining classic elements with natural gemstones, we seek to produce well crafted pieces that are embraced as treasures to wear. With this idea in mind, Haley began creating bracelets that could be versatile, whether worn alone or stacked with your other favorite pieces. 
    Starting with just a few hundred dollars and encouragement from family and friends, Haley made jewelry that kept in line with her quality standards and passion for America. She believes that in keeping these high standards, others will see the importance of American made workmanship. 
   From there, she expanded the product line to include necklaces, earrings, and leather strap bracelets. Giving careful consideration to each addition, Haley sought to encourage others to find their personal classic style. Our products can be found in boutiques across the United States and are constantly expanding into new markets. While our stones journey from around the world, we are working to build a company that provides jobs and  maintains a high standard of quality, right here in America. We are proud of our product and look forward to sharing it with you!